Your Dragon Ate My House

My house is half blue, half is red
We ran out of white blocks for the fence outside
I work on my roof as you build with your blocks
You don’t tell me what yet
You want to surprise me
The rain outside clatters away on the roof
The music on the radio is low and soothing
“My Lego house is done,” I cry
I lean back on my hands and display it proudly
Still a child in a grown-up body
“Me too!” You yell
Disturbing the sleeping cat near your foot
“I made a dragon!”
I nod in approval as I inspect it
The shiny green Legos for the body
The red one for a mouth
Arms and legs are black and yellow
“I like it. It’s very pretty.”
You immediately begin smashing my creation
“Rawr! I’m going to eat your house!”
You make munching sounds as you destroy my work
“Hey!” I cry, a bit mad
“Would you tear up a real person’s house like that?”
Confused shock on your tiny face
“No, this is pretend.”
I sit back and let your dragon eat my house
Hoping it is only pretend
Hoping you won’t grow up to destroy others
Tear people down
Rip lives to shreds
I hope you don’t spend your life
Building tools that can only cause damage
It’s okay to pretend
As long as that’s all it is
Copyright © 2015 Ashley Uzzell


How Maxwell Grover Stole My House


My review of How Maxwell Grover Stole My House by C.E. Vance.

Rating: 4 Stars

My Review:

What an exciting and suspenseful children’s story! We follow wimpy Zeke as he moves to a new town, makes his first real friend and becomes the target of his monstrous neighbor’s evil plans. Maxwell Grover, the nasty little man, wants Zeke’s house. And what’s more, he wants the magic hidden somewhere within…

Well written and fun, this story about a grown-up bully will have you rooting for the children, even when they execute their vicious and poorly planned pranks. In the end, even Zeke’s parents find out just how evil their neighbor truly is.


Here is the Amazon link if you wish to purchase.

Bella’s Magic Dream Glasses


My review of Bella’s Magic Dream Glasses by Andrew Swanson

Rating: 4 Stars

My Review:

I read this book with two of my children and they loved it! Bella’s imagination is wonderfully fun. My girls loved how the teddy bear followed her through all her adventures. We had a great time reading it together and giggling at the cute pictures.
Adorable read!


Here is the Amazon link if you wish to purchase.