Back off a little
Keep away
You cannot be so close
Don’t invade my space
Or get in my personal bubble
Keep your distance
Never touch my skin
Never make direct eye contact
I cannot allow it
If you get too close
If there is no space between us
I cannot hide
These wishes
I cannot deny
My true feelings
Stay far away
So no one will know
How I really feel
No one can know
Least of all you
Copyright © 2016 Ashley Uzzell


Exciting News!

Hello everyone, hope your year is going great so far.

At the end of this month, Kyra and I will be having a book signing at our local library. This is the very first book signing for either of us and we are equally excited and nervous. We hope there will be many more to come!

If you live in North Carolina, perhaps you can swing by for a signed copy of Spunky and the Wizard’s Chair and some free bookmarks.

If you would like a signed copy of one of our books, please contact me here or through our Facebook page. I am more than happy to ship an autographed copy with a special note. Kyra may even draw you a picture!


Time to Change

Time moves on around him
Time stands still in his head
Everything changing
Everything the same
People come and go
He does not move

Weary of the charade
He rises from his knees
Stretching hand and foot
Ankle and wrist
Until he stands tall
Ready for motion

Time moves on around him
Time stands still in his head
No more
Change is upon him
He advances forward
He begins to run

Now is the moment
To break through the silence
To alter his perception
Of this dreary world around him
He bursts forth into a new year of truth
Into a new life of meaning

Time moves on around him
He dances to it’s rhythm
Copyright © 2016 Ashley Uzzell