The Dragon Dreamer


My review of The Dragon Dreamer by J.S.Burke

Rating: 5 Stars


A truly epic tale of sky meeting sea. The many adventures that the young dragon Arak and the octopus Scree have together prove that with a little understanding, friendship can be found anywhere and that even those that are different, the dreamers, can find a place to belong.


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I feel a tickle near my ankle
Startled, I jump a mile high
But it’s just you, you sneak
Hopping up, you begin to knead my legs
That gentle rumble in your chest beginning
You glance at me
I look up from my book
We lock eyes and grin at each other
Then you turn circles and settle on my lap
I pet you absently, lazy swirls on your back
Your love rumble grows louder
My lap grows warm but not uncomfortably so
This is contentment, this is happiness
Affection from my little love-fluffer
My hairy heater, my sweet kitty
Copyright © 2016 Ashley Uzzell