On Top of the Rainbow


My review of On Top of the Rainbow by K. Meador

Rating: 4 Stars


A cute, short read that is both delightful and fun. The moral lesson about the love of family is one we can all appreciate. My young daughter loved the pictures!


If you wish to purchase this book, here is the Amazon link.


Down to the Creek

Sunlight peeps through the branches and leaves
To shine down upon my face
The sand is cool beneath my bare feet
As I keep a steady pace

The smells of summer surround me
The whisper of the wind in my ear
The feel of the worn fishing pole
Is a familiar comfort that I hold near

I have walked this path a million summers
I hope to walk it a million more
The trip as pleasant as the destination
Always welcome, never a bore

With my trusty old dog beside me
As relaxed and content as I
We make our way down to the creek
With no cares of how time will fly

We are often gone for the entire day
Every weekend, just him and me
This is the place where I can be myself
This is where I am truly free
Copyright © 2016 Ashley Uzzell