Beauty Revealed

Your eyes are downcast
You turn away at my gaze
I know your flaws
I have my own
They do not define us
So do not let them
When I look at you
I do not see a cast-out
I do not see imperfections
I see beauty
I see generosity
Kindness to friends
and strangers alike
I see a role model
A person to be admired
So keep those eyes skyward
Keep that chin raised
Let me see your lovely face
Let the world behold
The one who holds my heart
Illuminate us with the beauty
Of your soul

Copyright © 2107 Ashley Uzzell


The Rabbit Joke


My review of The Rabbit Joke by Paul White

Rating: 4 Stars


A cute book for children and parents to enjoy together. Though there were some editing issues, the story shined through. My children were giggling and interacting right along with it as I read aloud. A fun read!