Updates on Works in Progress

Hello, all! I have been absent from the blog for a while and for that I apologize. Things were pretty hectic last year but I plan to get back to reading and reviewing indie children’s books more this year.

A few things to announce: first of all writing on the second Fluffy Folktales book has been slow going. The characters are being a pain in my neck. (Cooperate, people!) It has been fun to write so far, but I’m sort of letting the story simmer and other projects have grabbed my attention while the two MCs squabble in the background. It will take time, but Beauty and the Beastly Herb Gardener will come to light eventually.

One of those other projects I mentioned above is the second Tales of Mentara book. It is complete! The five children stuck on a strange, magical planet are really going through some stuff this time, folks. While beta readers are enjoying it, and probably ripping me a new one, I am taking a breather before I get to revisions. The cover artist will once again be Bad Doggie Designs, who made such a beautiful cover for book one, The Portal. Here is the synopsis for Book Two:
Five children stranded in a strange world continue their adventures in the land known as Mentara. Twelve-year-old Charlotte feels the weight of her mistake in bringing her friends here. The local tribe of children who call themselves The Orphans are in a constantly warring state with a neighboring tribe, The Bomen. Drawn into this fight because of her magical abilities, Charlotte struggles to keep her friends safe while defending a group of strangers she is starting to see as family.
Tomas, the leader of The Orphans, is drawn to the kind and motherly Lena, impressed by the strong and intelligent Fred, and bewildered by the ever-moody Charlotte. He has his own personal issues to deal with while he prepares for a ritual that will change his status in the eyes of his people forever. But is this path he has chosen, this future he has worked and planned for what he really wants? Is it too late to change his mind and explore these newfound feelings of wanderlust?

Tales of Mentara: Book Two: The Ritual will release in a couple months. An exact date is forthcoming, along with a preview of the cover. Are you ready to continue the adventure? Stayed tuned for more details!