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Spunky and The Wizard’s Chair

Spunky’s Magical Adventures Book One

Spunky is a normal cat. His human is a wizard.
What happens one day when the wizard brings home a magical chair? Spunky’s curiosity gets him in trouble!
Join Spunky on his very first magical adventure!

Available for purchase here and Lulu.


“The book is a fun read for all ages…” ~Amazon Customer

“Would make a wonderful gift for any child.” ~Amazon Customer

I loved this story’s illustrations.” ~Goodreads Reviewer

“Am looking forward to more stories of Spunky.” ~Amazon Customer


Spunky and the Dolphin Palace

Spunky’s Magical Adventures Book Two

When Spunky the cat jumps on the magical chair after his adventure in Cat World, he expects to go back to his own world. Instead, he finds himself in another strange place where everything, including the animals and plants, is made of candy!

Will Spunky ever find the way home to his loving owner? What kind of adventure will he find waiting for him in a land of candy?

Available for purchase here and Lulu.


This is a cute story all the way around!” ~ Amazon Customer

Oh my, what a precious story written by a precious child and her mother!” ~ Amazon Customer

Whether you have children of your own or you’re an adult who loves fuzzy emotions, this second installment is for you, my friend.” ~ Amazon Customer


What Money Can’t Buy

Spoiled and pampered, Sasha Hill is used to having her way. Since she is still a virgin at eighteen, her friends make a bet that she can’t get the quiet Daniel Jones to have sex with her before graduation. Determined to prove them wrong, Sasha schemes to pretend interest in Daniel to get in his bed.

Daniel soon shows Sasha the world through his eyes and shines light on some truths about herself that are hard to swallow. Could she lose a bet if it also meant losing the only lifestyle she’s ever known? Or is it too steep a price to pay for a boy who wants to see her as she really is?

Available for purchase here and lulu.


“I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a well paced and enjoyable contemporary read and I can’t wait to find out what this author publishes next in this genre!!” ~Amazon Customer

Even though this book is categorized under teen romance, it’s really something all ages can enjoy. We all could use a loud and clear message that love and honor should reign over shallowness and loathing.” ~Goodreads Reviewer

“This story is touching, romantic, realistic, and intriguing. I highly recommend it because, unlike so many of the YA stories I’ve read, this is a solid one I won’t forget.” ~Amazon Customer


Ghostly Writes Anthology 2016


My first time in an anthology! A collection of short stories from indie authors worldwide, presented by Plaisted Publishing House. My short story is called “Spools of Thread.”

Available for FREE at Amazon US, Amazon UK, Amazon Au, and Other Sites.


“This is an amazing book no questions asked. Every author brings something fresh to the table. A very enjoyable read.” ~Amazon UK Customer

“If you like ghost stories, you’ll be entertained by this excellent creepy collection of short stories from a wide variety of authors.” ~Amazon US Customer

“This is a fairly good collection; I skipped many stories that weren’t to my taste but enjoyed the ones I did read.” ~Amazon US Customer

I must say I adore reading late at night but reading this anthology at midnight scared me out a lot so I ended up reading it in the train during “office hours”.” ~Goodreads Reviewer


Looking Into the Abyss


This amazing anthology is written by authors from around the world to raise awareness of the plight of the rhinoceros. Proceeds from this book support “Boots on the Ground”, a non-profit organization that focuses on helping the beautiful African species that face extinction. My short story is called “Animal Whisperer.”

Available for purchase at Amazon worldwide.

“Boots on the Ground” website.


“An interesting collection of varying short stories. Each author brought their own unique style and I enjoyed discovering a few new authors.
My favorite stories would have to be “The Elephant” and “Bad Cadet”. A great read for a wonderful cause!” ~Goodreads Reviewer


Where’s My Kitty?

Kassidy is outside playing when she decides to find her cat. But he is nowhere to be found. Follow Kassidy as she searches for her kitty.

Available for purchase here and Lulu.


“This is a great little book for kids.” ~Amazon Customer

“I love the premise of this book and the relationship between a child and her pet.” ~Amazon Customer

“A super little book for young children. Wonderful story and photos.” ~Goodreads Reviewer

Preschoolers will enjoy this one and I like the building repetition much like other preschool and toddler books I’ve read to my children and grandchildren. I will read this one to my youngest grandchildren. Wonderfully delightful real life story.” ~Goodreads Reviewer


Once Upon a Pastry


Gertrude wants to be the best baker and pastry chef in the city so she makes a deal with Mona the witch: one spell in exchange for her first-born child. The problem is, Gertrude doesn’t have a husband. Or a boyfriend. Or much interest in dating at all.

As the overly dramatic Mona occasionally stops by the flourishing bakery to see about Gertrude keeping up her end of the bargain, both women begin to realize that maybe the deal isn’t what will bring them true happiness. Soon, something more than friendship begins to blossom.

When tragedy strikes, Gertrude finds that she may lose the only family she has left. Is Mona a powerful enough witch to save the city and help the girl she is falling for? Can she let go of her regrets so she can move on to find her happily ever after?

Available for purchase here and lulu.


If you’re looking for light reading with characters you can cheer for every step of the way, you need to grab a copy of this book.” ~Goodreads Reviewer

This was a lovely quick read. It felt like a fairytale for adults, even though it weaved in a couple of elements from traditional children’s stories. I loved how easily the story flowed, and how well I got to know the characters.” ~Amazon Customer

“This was a great, fun story!” ~Goodreads Reviewer

I recommend this to anyone who enjoys fairy tales and comedies. You surely won’t be disappointed.” ~Amazon Customer


Hunting Vampires with Grandma

Hunting Vampires with Grandma kindle1

Age is just a number when killing monsters is your specialty.

When Markie is attacked by a vampire, she finds out that her lovable grandma is more than she appears. A retired vampire hunter, G is forced to get the old gang back together when the very monsters that the ladies thought they had hunted to extinction show up in their town again.

Between knitting needles and fanny packs, psoriasis and holy water, Markie will soon realize that age really is just a number and that a handful of cranky old women can be scarier than any vampire bite.

Available for purchase here and Lulu.


A fantastical adventure with a bag full of humour.” ~ Amazon UK Customer

“A short story that packs several punches, as sharp stick, and a serious bite.” ~ Amazon UK Customer

Butt-Kicking Old Ladies!” ~ Amazon Customer

“I love your fun and exciting way of writing! Hunting Vampires with G was an awesome read! Never a dull moment, as always” ~ Amazon Ca Customer


Ghostly Writes Anthology 2017

Another spooky anthology presented by Plaisted Publishing House. My poem is called “The Crow Watches.”

Available for FREE at Amazon US, Kobo, and Google Play.


This anthology is the perfect mix tape of haunting and macabre tales for a winter’s evening,with a variety of styles and voices. None of the stories overstayed their welcome, but a few will linger in your thoughts or send a chill up your spine. Very much recommended for lovers of the genre looking to discover new talent.” ~Goodreads Reviewer

This is a great book, full of creepy and horrifying tales that will leave you wanting more, from the past to the future.” ~Goodreads Reviewer


Winter Wishes of the Heart

Presenting four short stories to curl up with for the holidays.
Whether it is a teen discovering love, a boy enjoying a winter tradition with his brother, or a young man finding a friend in his time of need, these stories will melt your heart and keep you warm and fuzzy despite the cold.

Available for purchase here.


“These stories were sweet, simple reprieves from the busy mess life can be. They were short, so they didn’t take long to read, but Ms. Uzzell still managed to fill each one with the emotion and intrigue required for the reader to be able to say, “I care about these characters.” That’s not an easy thing to do, and I applaud her for it.” ~Goodreads Reviewer

If you’re looking for four short stories that will warm your insides like a cup of hot chocolate, you’ve found the right book. They’re short and sweet, emphasis on sweet.” ~Amazon Customer


The Portal, Tales of Mentara: Book One

Five children find themselves stuck in a beautiful jungle on a strange planet. But all is not as peaceful as it first appears.

Twelve-year-old Charlotte has been different all her life. It isn’t just that her father left when she was a child, or her mother ignores her. What really makes her an outsider is the fact that she has strange abilities that she can’t explain and struggles to control. Everything changes in the summer of 1993 when she feels drawn to a certain spot outside of town. Unfortunately, she isn’t alone when things go sideways.

When the children realize they are definitely not on Earth anymore, they have to learn not only how to fend for themselves, but how to get along. The problem is, even Charlotte has no idea how to get off the alien planet. And, perhaps, she doesn’t want to.

It doesn’t take long for the five to realize they aren’t alone in this strange land and that life here is more dangerous than they could have imagined.

Available for purchase here and Lulu.


“All in all, this is a fun little adventure that anybody can enjoy regardless of their generation” ~ Goodreads Reviewer

“I thoroughly enjoyed Uzzell’s most recent work, and I look forward to seeing what she does next!” ~ Knightingale Reviews

Uzzell has created a novel fantasy fans of all ages can enjoy.” ~ Amazon Customer


Please contact me here or through Facebook if interested in signed paperbacks of any of these titles.

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