A Fun Twist on a Classic Fairy Tale!

Now that Tales of Mentara: The Portal is out, it’s time to get back into the world of fairy tale fun with the second Fluffy Folktales novel.

For those new to the series, these are stand-alone stories that take place in the same universe with a few recurring characters. The stories are clean romantic comedies. The first book, Once Upon a Pastry, was about a witch, a baker, and the spell that would change their lives forever.

Book two is titled Beauty and the Beastly Herb Gardener. This story will be a twist on the usual Beauty and the Beast tale but with more laughs.
Our female protagonist, Helena, is an outgoing, talkative girl who is trying to figure out what she wants to do with her life. Her best friend, Carter, is a shy boy who likes to dress like a woman and avoids his family at all costs. When Helena becomes lost in Labyrinth Forest, she happens upon a strange man who keeps his entire body covered, even his eyes. Nok is an herb gardener with a bad attitude, but Helena’s curiosity has her coming back often to learn from him. Will the spark of friendship develop between them or will Nok’s social issues and Helena’s mouth keep them at arm’s length?
Below is an unedited teaser from the first chapter:

The guards laughed loud and hard as the prince pushed his mare past her again, this time making sure to knock into her hard enough that she fell to the ground. Mud from an early morning rain splattered across the woman, ruining her blouse and skirt, and coating her hands and face.
“Oh, I know you did not!” The woman shot to her feet, flinging mud from herself and pointing a finger at the retreating prince. “I’m not done with you, Your Majesty!”
Tellum turned on his mount to face her, lifting his chin and gazing at her in disgust. “You have something more to add, hag?”
“Oh, I have something to add, all right! You think because of your title and your looks that you can just do as you please. You think everyone loves you. Well, little man, I’ll show you what people really think about you! If the world saw the ugliness you hold on the inside, they wouldn’t be so quick to throw their love at you.” As she spoke, the woman reached a hand down the front of her blouse, retrieving a small bag. Opening the tie string, she tossed what appeared to be colored sand his way. “You are about to see the true power of Rhiann the witch!”

I hope you enjoyed that taste of Beauty and the Beastly Herb Gardener. I plan to have this one out late this year. Have a great weekend!


A New Middle Grade Series!

Hello, everyone.
Today I am excited to reveal the cover for my upcoming book Tales of Mentara: Book One: The Portal, or The Portal for short. This is the first in a fantasy adventure series aimed at middle grade children ages eleven to thirteen. In all honesty, even adults will enjoy this magical series. Here is the back-of-the-book summary:

Five children find themselves stuck in a beautiful jungle on a strange planet. But all is not as peaceful as it first appears.

Twelve-year-old Charlotte has been different all her life. It isn’t just that her father left when she was a child, or her mother ignores her. What really makes her an outsider is the fact that she has strange abilities that she can’t explain and struggles to control. Everything changes in the summer of 1993 when she feels drawn to a certain spot outside of town. Unfortunately, she isn’t alone when things go sideways.

When the children realize they are definitely not on Earth anymore, they have to learn not only how to fend for themselves, but how to get along. The problem is, even Charlotte has no idea how to get off the alien planet. And, perhaps, she doesn’t want to.

It doesn’t take long for the five to realize they aren’t alone in this strange land and that life here is more dangerous than they could have imagined.

Portal teaser1

This book, or the entire series in fact, has been a long time coming and I am delighted that it is finally ready to share with the world. The Portal is scheduled to release on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, iTunes, and other online retailers on April 13th, 2018. It will be available for pre-order soon.

Here it is, the lovely cover featuring one of the lead characters, Charlotte. I’m pleased as punch with this design by Bad Doggie Designs. Stay tuned for more information on The Portal and have a great day!



Little Elves

It’s rather late, I hear a sound
It gives me quite a fright
Little elves come have come around
Please clean my house tonight

I see you darting here and there
From the corner of my eye
I know I’m not supposed to stare
But even still, I try

I don’t mind you living here
Or visiting once or twice
Your presence gives me lots of cheer
I prefer you over mice

But if you want to sleep in my home
And nibble at my food
Maybe you could contribute some
Helping hands would be good

You could sweep the floors or beat the rug
Maybe take out the trash
Put dishes away without breaking a mug
It isn’t too much to ask

I hold magical creatures dear
If you want to stay, then come
But you have to earn your place here
Freeloaders are not welcome!

Copyright © 2017 Ashley Uzzell

Coming Soon: Spunky 2!

We are excited to announce that the second book in the Spunky’s Magical Adventures series is coming soon. Spunky and the Dolphin Palace will be released on May 28th, 2017. We’ll be celebrating the occasion with a Facebook party and everyone is invited. Here is a short summary for the book:

When Spunky the cat jumps on the magical chair after his adventure in Cat World, he expects to go back home. Instead, he finds himself in another strange place where everything, including the animals and plants, is made of candy! Will Spunky ever find the way home to his loving owner?

Spunky release party

We hope you will attend the party to enjoy games, fun, and giveaways. Kyra and myself will be there with our own special surprises!

Video for Once Upon a Pastry

Hello all and Happy Easter!

I created a short promo video for Once Upon a Pastry for you to enjoy. Hop on over and give it a gander. Please share and get the word out about this fun, magical romance. Who doesn’t love a fairy tale ending?

Don’t forget, never read it on an empty stomach!

Once Upon a Pastry Promo Vid

Have great weekend, lovely readers!

E-book Sale!


Hello all!

Great news, our books are on sale this week for 99¢. I Laughed, I Cried, I Crapped Myself, Spunky and the Wizard’s Chair, What Money Can’t Buy, and Where’s My Kitty? are available in Kindle format on Amazon. Wonderful family fun for a wonderful price! Hurry, this sale ends December 25th.

Swing by my Amazon author page for buy links or check out my Books List here.

Happy holidays, everyone!

Bella’s Magic Dream Glasses


My review of Bella’s Magic Dream Glasses by Andrew Swanson

Rating: 4 Stars

My Review:

I read this book with two of my children and they loved it! Bella’s imagination is wonderfully fun. My girls loved how the teddy bear followed her through all her adventures. We had a great time reading it together and giggling at the cute pictures.
Adorable read!


Here is the Amazon link if you wish to purchase.